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The summer holidays are here and it’s time to not only keep our little cherubs entertained but also fed! 

Our Summer of Kids’ Cooking Series to offer a helping hand.

Cooking with kids series - blog post cover 2022.

Over the next five weeks we will be sharing two recipe videos each week that are perfect to cook with children. My thinking in planning this was:

⭐️ Easy entertainment and they learn some life skills

⭐️ You get dinner cooked one night a week!

Win win! I hope that this little course will be a start in teaching your kids about food and cooking, as well as something to keep everyone occupied in the long summer holiday. 

The recipes will all be relatively straightforward to help young ones get to grips with the basics. Each week you’ll be able to find a main course and treat for you to enjoy.

We will be sharing these recipes on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. I would love for you to join me there and show us your creations.


✅ All of these recipes will be suitable for school age children. Obviously younger children will need much more help, while older children might be more independent. Use your own judgement as to how much they can do and keep a close eye on them.

✅ Always be careful when using sharp knives and cooking with heat while cooking with children.

Let them take the lead where possible, especially with weighing out ingredients as this is all part of the learning! Talk them through it and keep things fun.

✅ Don’t worry if the results are not perfect. This is about giving it a go, spending time together and picking up some new food knowledge. Cooking is all about trial and error.

✅ It’s probably best not to start your cooking session while the kids are already hungry as it might not turn out well. Planning ahead will help to make it an easier experience.
✅ Don’t be too disappointed if young children can’t concentrate on the whole task and get fed up. Just introducing them to cooking and piquing their interest in the first place is enough, and keeping things relaxed will only add to their positive association with cooking and food in general.

One final thing!

3 Million children in the UK are at risk of Holiday Hunger this year and so if you enjoyed our course, found it useful and can afford it, we’d love for you to consider making a small donation to FoodCycle. No pressure whatsoever to do so, but George, Harriet and I felt that this would be an opportunity for us to make a small change this year for other children who may be in need.

A £5 donation will provide a child with 3 home cooked meals in a safe, welcoming environment when they may have gone hungry otherwise.

FoodCycle is a national charity, based upon the simple idea that food waste and food poverty should not co-exist and that something powerful can be achieved through eating together. Every week, they open their doors and give a warm welcome to 1500 guests, across 41 projects, to enjoy a tasty and nutritious three-course meal in their local community.

(We will also be donating any profit from the views on this page.)


Cooking with Kids Series: Recipes

Week 1

⭐️ Click here for Week 1 Shopping List ⭐️

Easy salmon tacos recipe on a wooden board with cucumber and avocado dressing
4.97 from 31 votes

Easy Cajun Salmon Tacos {30 minute meal}

These easy Cajun Salmon Tacos are served with a quick and creamy avocado and lime dressing for a utterly delicious and sociable 30-minute meal that the whole family will love.
View Recipe
How to make cookies with kids. A simple recipe.
5 from 11 votes

Easy Loaded Cookies

This is a super-easy firm family favourite. Chewy cookies full of chocolate treats, and great for baking with the kids
View Recipe

Week 2

⭐️ Click here for Week 2 Shopping List ⭐️

Chicken Quesadillas cut into squares with lime and salsa.
5 from 39 votes

GIANT Baked Chicken Quesadilla {One Pan}

These Chicken Quesadillas are a really easy midweek standby recipe. Quick, affordable and everyone loves them! Bake them in the oven on a single sheet pan instead of standing over a hot pan.
View Recipe
Rows of ready homemade banana muffins with choc chips.
4.52 from 126 votes

Banana Muffins

Easy Banana Muffins – These simple, quick to make muffins are perfect for baking with toddlers, deliciously moist and make a yummy treat or a breakfast on the go
View Recipe

Week 3

⭐️ Click here for Week 3 Shopping List ⭐️

Pan full of Tuna Pasta Bake.
4.93 from 39 votes

Tuna Pasta Bake {Easiest Ever Recipe!}

There's a reason this is the ultimate Tuna Pasta Bake recipe. A budget-friendly classic that’s super easy, healthy and good for the soul.
View Recipe
Baking tray with oat raisin cookies on.
4.86 from 120 votes

The BEST Oat Cookies

Soft, chewy and delicious this is an easy recipe for the BEST Oat Cookies around.
View Recipe

Week 4

⭐️ Click here for Week 4 Shopping List ⭐️

Paneer tikka kebabs with peppers and tandoori spices
4.92 from 23 votes

Paneer Tikka

A simple version of this classic Indian vegetarian cheese dish.
View Recipe
Side angle photo of Rolo Rocky Road Squares made with Roll Rocky Road Recipe, topped with white chocolate and Rolls on a wooden board.
4.80 from 10 votes

Easy Rolo Rocky Road {No-Bake}

This easy Rolo Rocky Road recipe is packed full with delicious chocolate, biscuits, marshmallows and, of course… Rolos! No need to bake and really quick!
View Recipe

Week 5

⭐️ Click here for Week 5 Shopping List ⭐️

Tray filled with cooked sausages and vegetables for the recipe Sticky Sausage Tray Bake.
4.94 from 144 votes

Sticky Sausage Tray Bake {Easy & Delicious}

This simple Sticky Sausage Tray Bake is comfort food packaged in one healthy meal that is super easy and so delicious. A winner for the whole family!
View Recipe
Deliciously, moreish and easy to make tea time treats. Packed with peanut butter and topped with a slab of milk chocolate, these are a must bake!
5 from 6 votes

Peanut Butter Bars

This is an easy recipe for all chocolate and peanut butter fans. It's great for making together with kids too!
View Recipe

Print off your


to tick them off as you of along!

kids cooking certificate
In case you’d like to plan cooking along the videos will be shared on social media on the following dates:

➡️ Salmon Tacos (25th July 2022)

➡️ Loaded Cookies (27th July 2022)

➡️ One Pan Quesadillas (6th August 2022)

➡️ Banana Muffins (7th August 2022)

➡️ Tuna Pasta Bake (9th August 2022)

➡️ Oatmeal Cookes (11th August 2022)

➡️ Paneer Tikka (20th August 2022)

➡️ Rolo Rocky Road (21st August 2022)

➡️ Sticky Sausage Traybake (23rd August 2022)

➡️ Peanut Butter Bars (25th August 2022)


If you’d like to donate to FoodCycle…

A £5 donation will provide a child with three home cooked meals in a safe, welcoming environment when they may have gone hungry otherwise.


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