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Amsterdam Graffiti - 48 Hours in Amsterdam with Kids - Insider tips and advice for a weekend in Amsterdam with young children. Where we stayed, we ate, what we saw!

TamingTwins began as a UK food and parenting blog in late 2013 when I’d just discovered that I could, in fact, have twins and stay reasonably sane. I thought I’d share some tips and advice about parenting in case they were helpful to any soon to be parents of multiples..

My social media experience as a former business owner, provides a unique insight when working with brands to reach a family audience. My passion for social media is reflected in my following of over a million people across all platforms. I love working with brands to come up with creative campaigns to tell a story about their product via my site or theirs.

I have worked with:

  • Waitrose
  • Asda
  • Tesco
  • Aldi
  • Netmums
  • Tefal
  • Esprit Ski
  • Love Pork
  • More with Mushrooms

I have been featured in:

  • The Observer
  • The Times
  • The Daily Mail
  • Mumsnet
  • Buzzfeed
  • Foodgawker

If you’re a brand looking for a bespoke recipe or post for your site or mine, to harness the reach of a food influencer, please get in touch and I will send you over my media pack, along with my rates and some ideas.

You can also find me on LinkedIn here: Sarah Rossi on LinkedIn.


Some of the links on this site might be affiliate links. This means that if you click on them and then buy something, it won’t cost you any more but I’ll get a small commission.

If any products or services were provided as gifts, this will be explained in the post.

Please do not ask to pay me for follow links. In accordance with Google guidelines, all compensated posts will only ever feature nofollow links.

Using my Content:

If you would like to feature my recipes on your site, thank you!

You are welcome to use one of my photos per recipe, with a link back to the original webpage here. Please do not, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, reproduce my recipes on your site or social media in full.

Hours and hours of work goes into creating and testing, photographing and writing my recipes, this work is funded by the ad revenue on this site. Republishing my recipes elsewhere eliminates the income that pays for creating them.

If using my images on social media you MUST tag my @ on the relevant platform and give all credit.

If you use my content in a way that is not inline with the above, I will take action against you to recoup my losses via Pixsy. I have done this many times in the past and been successful.

Please don’t, it is theft and it is annoying for both of us!

All opinions are my own, honest and truthful.