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This midweek meal plan is all about keeping the costs low on those simple but worthy ingredients, some you will no doubt have in the cupboard already! 

Try these five ONE POT MEALS to take the drama out of midweek dinners. Stay balanced, save money and save your sanity!

Meal Plan 13 features 5 family friendly midweek recipes for dinner.

This week’s family meal plan is all about those golden one pot (or one tray) meals. They’re so convenient during a busy week when we just need to throw everything in together! 

If you’re looking for a particular pan for the job, read my one pot pan review here to see which one might be best fit for you.

I’ll be sharing this meal plan on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, so watch out for the videos so you can cook along.

For reference, I shopped for this Meal Plan in August 2022 at Aldi and it cost £33.98.

Why use a weekly food planner?

⭐️ Knowing exactly what food to buy for avoids food waste, saving you money.

⭐️ Having a plan for dinner each night avoids the mental load of “what’s for dinner?” question every night.

The printable shopping list can be found here.

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Some tips for using a family meal planner:

➡️ Check for any items on the shopping list that you already have in your cupboard.

➡️ Maybe think about doubling up and freezing a recipe or two where the recipes are suitable, so save cooking another day or for the weekend.

➡️ Remove ingredients for any meals that you don’t want to cook.

➡️ The shopping list includes the cheapest version of each ingredient. Obviously if you want to buy lower fat mince or free range etc, that’s personal choice.

➡️ Most of the recipes are to serve 4, so if you’re cooking for 2, simply halve the ingredients.

The recipes:

Dinner 1

⭐️ Use the green peppers from your mixed bag from the shopping list (save the rest for the sausage pasta on Friday).

Meal plan recipe Cajun Dry Rice.
4.99 from 89 votes

Dirty Rice {Cajun Style Beef One Pot}

This is a tasty, easy and quick one potrecipe that's full of flavour from the Cajun style beef and packed with filling veggies.
View Recipe

Dinner 2

⭐️ I served this with the part-baked baguettes for dunking. 

The recipe serves 2 people so you will need to adjust if you’re cooking for more. (The ingredients on the shopping list are for double. The recipe says 2x courgettes, so we would be using 4. I just used one pack of 500g courgettes. This may be 3 or 4 depending on their size but the weight will be about right for the recipe x2.)

⭐️ The recipe also says 1x 250g of Halloumi. These packs are 225g, so 2x 225g will be fine – no need to buy another pack.

A large pot filled with cooked halloumi bake recipe.
4.90 from 209 votes

Mediterranean Tomato and Halloumi Bake

This Mediterranean Tomato and Halloumi Bake is a quick, healthy, vegetarian dinner. Delicious crispy, salty cheese slices on top of a rich tomato vegetable sauce.
View Recipe

Dinner 3

⭐️ I used the salad potatoes on the shopping list for this as they hold together well.

A large pan of chicken with carrots and potatoes to make up a tray bake of Honey Mustard Chicken recipe.
4.78 from 79 votes

Honey Mustard Chicken {One Pan Meal}

This baked Honey Mustard Chicken tray bake is a deliciously sticky and tasty one pan dish.
View Recipe

Dinner 4

⭐️ Use whatever colour peppers you have left in your mixed bag.

⭐️ The recipe states 250g of cream cheese, but Aldi packs are 200g. This will be fine – no need to buy extra.

One pan full of pasta, sausage and pepper for the perfect creamy pasta dish.
4.92 from 200 votes

Creamy Sausage Pasta

This Creamy Sausage Pasta is a quick and easy one pot recipe. It makes a brilliant midweek dinner, where the pasta is cooked in a super tasty the sauce, all in a single pan. 
View Recipe

Dinner 5

⭐️ This isn’t a cheap meal, but you could reduce the cost significantly by using frozen white fish fillets instead. Basa would work well which you can often find frozen and is really good value.

⭐️ The recipe says 400g of cherry tomatoes but I used 330g as that’s a pack size from Aldi. It’s more than enough.

⭐️ I used a pack of 4 baking potatoes for this, cut into chunks.

A tray bake of delicious white fish of cod wrapped with pancetta and potatoes and tomatoes.
4.89 from 42 votes

Italian Cod Traybake {with Pancetta}

This oven baked Italian Cod traybake recipe is an easy and complete meal that's packed with Italian flavours. Crispy pancetta bacon wraps the fish and tomatoes add a juicy sauce. All in one pan!
View Recipe

Quick reminder, the printable shopping list can be found here.

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