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 A whole month of Healthy Lunch Ideas all in one place – These make ahead, healthy lunch ideas for work or home are all quick and easy to make. Including vegetarian and clean eating options.

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healthy lunch ideas shown in individual compartment lunch boxes

I’ve been making such an effort with dinner meal planning lately (have you signed up to get the weekly email yet?!)

It’s really helping us to eat better and for me to feel a little bit less chaotic during the week – hoorah!

Dinner is only one meal of the day though and, oh my goodness, my lunches have been a sorry state this year. Addis got in touch with me and asked if I’d like to try out some of their Clip and Close food storage containers. When I spotted this little compartment gem, I knew it could be my healthy packed lunch saviour!

Addis Clip and Close Compartment Lunchbox

This Addis 1.1 litre Clip and Close storage tub is the perfect size for holding a healthy packed lunch. Not too big to carry around and not too small to leave you hungry.

The Clip and Close fastening is really firm and secure, no escaping lunches here thank you very much.

Possibly I need to get out more (haha!) but I really do love these little containers for making healthy packed lunches.

Whether I’m working away from home or working alone, I’ve been trying to up my game, with no sandwiches and prepping my lunch boxes a few days in advance.

I thought I’d share 20 of my favourites, so you’ve got a month of weekday ideas if you’re struggling to think of healthy lunchbox ideas too.

20 Healthy Lunch Box Ideas:

Plastic lunchbox with tomato mozzarella salad, healthy lunch idea for work
Ryvita and smoked salmon healthy lunch idea for work
  1. Mozzarella and Tomato Salad with Basil – with some mini bread sticks and blueberries.
  2. Rye Crispbreads with Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese – plus some green veggies like sugar snap peas. (Replace the smoked salmon with hummus for a vegetarian option.)
Healthy lunchbox idea of salmon, spinach and rice
plastic lunchbox healthy lunch idea for work, hummus and pita
  1. Cooked Salmon and Spinach Salad – served with some brown rice and cantaloupe melon. (Replace the salmon with Quorn pieces for a vegetarian option.)
  2. Hummus with Pita bread fingers – with cucumber, and a couple of squares of dark chocolate.
Leftover chicken fajitas in a plastic compartment lunchbox as a healthy lunch
Healthy lunch idea, a cows cows chicken salad in a compartment lunchbox
  1. Leftover (or made for lunchbox filling) One Tray Chicken Fajitas – with avocado, yoghurt/sour cream and grated cheese. This is my favourite lunchbox ever – it feels like a real treat! (Replace the chicken with Quorn pieces for a vegetarian option.)
  2. Cous cous and chickpea salad – with cooked chicken and a piece of fruit, here it’s a plum.
Mini quiches in a plastic lunchbox as a healthy packed lunch
lunchbox with compartments filled with falafel, healthy lunch idea for work
  1. Mini Crustless Quiches – with fresh berries. This is SUCH a useful little lunch recipe. Super easy to freezer and pull out for lunches or breakfasts.
  2. Falafels  – with pita breads, peppers and your favourite olives.
healthy pack lunch idea of stuffed peppers in a compartment lunchbox
Chicken and rice lunchbox salad in a compartment packed lunchbox
  1. Stuffed peppers – you can buy these from most supermarkets in the prepared vegetables section, or make yourself and stuff with quinoa, cous cous, rice or even yummy halloumi. Bake and then cool before popping into your lunchbox. I’ve included some sugar snap peas and yoghurt covered rice cakes.
  2. Chicken and Rice – with some tomatoes, apple slices and popcorn. (Replace the chicken with chickpeas for a vegetarian option.)
healthy lunchbox idea of fruit salad and protein balls
ryvita and ham healthy lunch idea for work
  1. Fruit Salad and Protein Balls – if you fancy a change for a sweet style lunch, this is really delicious. Make your own protein balls or buy them ready made. Your lunch will see off your sweet cravings!
  2. Cheese and Ham Crackers – with rye crackers and cucumber to make a mini “ploughman’s” lunch. (Replace the ham with Quorn or another cheese as a vegetarian option.)
Plastic lunchbox with hummus, breadsticks, strawberries healthy lunch idea for work
healthy lunch idea, apple, peanut butter and rice cakes
  1. Hummus and Breadsticks – with pepper slices for dipping and a mini dark chocolate pot plus strawberries as a treat.
  2. Apple and Peanut Butter – this makes a nice fun change, dip the apple slices! With mini rice cakes and some blueberries.
Frittata in a plastic lunchbox as healthy lunch idea for work
Leftover chicken and rice healthy lunch idea for work
  1. Frittata slices – serve cold or warm them up to eat them. The recipe linked is with salmon but you can substitute in so many different fillings, here is the classic Spanish tortilla style, with onions and potatoes. With sugar snap peas and grapes.
  2. Leftovers! (This is a Spanish Chicken and Rice dish but you can use anything you fancy.) Eat them cold or reheat fully before serving. Served here with extra pepper slices and strawberries.
Healthy lunch box idea, cottage cheese, crackers and spinach
Lunchbox with BLT salad, raspberries and malt load
  1. Cottage Cheese with Crackers – with some spinach greens and a couple of squares of dark chocolate as a treat.
  2. BLT Salad – I LOVE this salad! I use the super crispy pre cooked bacon (available in most supermarkets) if I need to save time. I add dressing or balsamic vinegar just before serving. Served with a mini Malt Loaf and some raspberries. (Replace the bacon in the salad with lentils, chickpeas or avocado as a vegetarian option.)
plastic lunchbox filled with pesto pasta, healthy lunch idea for work
plastic lunchbox with avocado and cottage cheese, healthy lunch idea for work
  1. Pasta Salad – Use any pasta, salad shop bought, homemade or dinner leftovers (this one is pesto with some cheese, spinach and pine nuts added). With some tomatoes and pineapple fingers.
  2. Cottage Cheese and Avocado – with some mini oatcakes and some sweet peppers to dip.

I hope you found my 20 Healthy Lunch Ideas useful. What are your favourite lunchbox fillers? I’d love to know.

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  1. These are perfect. I like to go to a local supermarket and buy some cake mix in order to liven things up. You can even find a lot of tasty but rather cheap stuff in bakeries to eat for a packed lunch etc these days too. Thank you. Recipes are freely available these days online as well. Good luck. Make brief summary notes. Often times I eat a sausage roll for my packed lunch. When I worked part time at a local library I bought my own hot lunch at a lunch counter there.

  2. These look great but unfortunately my daughter won’t eat cheese, humous, cold pasta, tuna and mayo. Such a shame because these are such great ideas

  3. I made a new Pinterest board just for these! I always get excited about packing lunch (our daughter’s school actually doesn’t provide lunch at all because they are so small) but I inevitably run out of ideas.

  4. I have tried your wonderful little lunches for my kids and me we all really enjoyed them and they were perfect. They helped us through our national healthy veggie month and we got lots of protein also lots of veggies. It was fun making them and now we are making lots of stuff like that very regularly it really helped our little two year old boy by making pictures with his food. All of us want to say thank you for making such yummy food ,which are healthy, and we will always look at your recipes first. Bye!