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I have so much to tell you my friends. In case you want to skip right to it.. I’ve written a RECIPE BOOK FOR YOU!

front cover of the book "what's for dinner" by Sarah Rossi

About the Book

I wrote this book for YOU! For everyone who shares with me the challenges of not only cooking dinner, but having the brain space to actually think about dinner.

Here’s what you need to know about the book:

⭐️ Dinner in 30 minutes or less.

⭐️ No complicated ingredients, affordable and family friendly.

⭐️ 10 weeks of meal plans with complete shopping lists.

This book is more than just recipes; it’s designed to do the heavy lifting and ease the mental load of even thinking about dinner, that I know so many of us struggle with every week.

“If you’re juggling work, children, school pick up, homework, trying to be healthy, be a good friend, be a good parent, and by dinner time it all feels just.. too much. I see you, I feel you, I am you and I wrote this book for you. I hope these recipes genuinely make your life a little easier.”

Photos of tortellini soup, sub rolls, pot pie and pretzel fudge from What's For Dinner a book by Sarah Rossi of Taming Twins.

Why pre-order now?!

The book will be released on 2nd February 2023, here’s why it’s a good idea to order now:

⭐️ You’ll have it in your hands on the day of release, a day earlier than anyone who hasn’t pre-ordered AND no need to remember to buy then.

⭐️You’ll receive the pre-order guarantee, so you automatically pay the lowest price the book is listed at before release (and you don’t actually pay until the book is sent). Woohoo!

⭐️ Pre-orders make a massive difference to the success of a book (as book shops stock on the basis of this – who knew) so personally, THANK YOU for helping this book grow – I’m SO grateful.

Oh AND there will be some extra very exciting thank you opportunities for people who pre-ordered.. Keep hold of your pre-order confirmation and watch this space!

Want a sneak preview of what’s inside..?

Examples of pages from 'What's for dinner' a book by Sarah Rossi of Taming Twins.
Images from the book 'What's for Dinner' by Sarah Rossi of Taming Twins

Questions about ‘What’s for Dinner?’

Does the book include meal plans?

YES! The meal plans are at the core of this book.

There are 10 weeks of meal plans, with no repeat recipes. Each meal (some when served with the suggested side dish recipe) is complete with carbs and veggies.

Each meal plan includes 6 dinners, one weekend breakfast and one weekend treat recipe – all take less than 30 minutes to cook!

Do the meal plans have shopping lists?

Yes! They include a full shopping list for the entire week. You can take a photo (or take the book with you) to the supermarket ready to shop or place your online food order using the lists.

How many recipes are in the book?

There are 100 new recipes in the book, made up as follows:
⭐️ 60 Main courses
⭐️ 20 Side dishes
⭐️ 10 Weekend breakfasts
⭐️ 10 Sweet treats

Do the meal plans have prices on them?

No they don’t. The price of food is fluctuating so much at the moment that this would be almost impossible to be accurate on.

However, whilst not a budget book, all of the recipes are certainly on the affordable side. There’s only one recipe in the book that uses steak for example, but even in that it’s used in a clever way to make a small portion go further!

When will it be available to order in other countries?

Yes! You can pre-order now and it will be published in the US and Canada on 2nd May 2023 and in Australia on 7th June 2023.

⭐️ Order for delivery in USA
⭐️ Order for delivery in Canada
⭐️ Order for delivery in Australia

What if I don’t want to buy from Amazon?

No problem, you can also pre-order the book from Waterstones, W H Smith and

How many recipes did you test for the book?

The book includes 100 brand new recipes, each of those was tested at least 5 times. Then cooked again for the book photography.

There were a handful of recipes that were tested up to 10 times (One Pan Lasagne and Coconut Curried Salmon I AM LOOKING AT YOU) where I just knew they could be SO GOOD but they took a while to get there.

So I guess between me, Anna, Debbie, Miranda and our food stylist Pippa probably 650 dishes have been cooked for What’s for Dinner? All so you KNOW they will work with no faff!

Who ate all of the food from the testing?!

Friends, the team in my husband’s office, sometimes us for dinner, the builders working on our house, neighbours, the team shooting the book photos, the staff in our local post office and if it really didn’t go well; Archie the dog or our chickens!

I hope you are going to love this book as much as I’ve loved writing it for you.

Thanks as always for all of your support, for reading my recipes, leaving comments, telling me how much they’ve helped you and recommending my recipes to your friends. It’s because of you that this book has been written and I really hope I’ve done you proud. ❤️

front cover of the book "what's for dinner" by Sarah Rossi

new cookbook!

Featuring 100 delicious recipes that can be cooked in one pot, you can open any page in this book and find something that will give you not only a meal that the whole family will eat and enjoy, but also one that makes your life a little simpler in the process.

More Recipes

Sarah Rossi founder of and author of 'What's for Dinner?' books.


Hi, I'm Sarah. I help busy people decide 'What's for Dinner?' Find hundreds of recipes here, and also in my bestselling recipe book. Hope my recipes make your life easier ❤️

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  1. I love the book! Usually I go through cook books and there’s only a few recipes I can actually cook for both me and the kids…..but in this book I can cook almost all of them!

  2. I’ve pre order to my kindle, can’t wait to get this . I love the sound of your recipes and I’m really looking forward to having the meal plan ideas!

  3. I’ve only recently discovered your blog and haven’t tried any recopies yet but saved several as they look amazing. Special thanks for recommending a casserole dish, I’ve been looking for one for ages and now order one via Amazon Fresh, cannot wait to give it a go. I have also pre-ordered your new book. I am sure I will enjoy it! I’ve got 2 under 2, so whatever can save me time a bonus 😊

  4. So exciting! I regularly use your recipes Sarah so this is a godsend – you have even inspired my husband and son to take turns making the meals- thank you 😊

  5. Fabulous well done you for making our decisions easier. Your recipes are so easy to follow . Brilliant keep going with your great creations.