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Here is your latest weekly meal plan – number 21 in our series! In this Meal Plan, there’s couple of new recipes for you to try out and add to your repertoire. Hope you love them!

Collage of recipes for meal plan 21, including marry me chicken

This week’s meal plan is mixing things up so we can enjoy a variety of flavours and meal styles.

We have a variety of one-pan, all-in-one sanity savers and a couple of super comforting recipes… Like the sound of a batch cook Steak Piemake double for next week – and my brand new, slightly special and mouthwatering Marry Me Chicken for you to impress your family with?

Hope you enjoy the combination!

I’ll be sharing this meal plan on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, so watch out for the videos so you can cook along.

For reference, I shopped for this Meal Plan in March 2023 at Tesco and it cost £38.76.

Why use a meal plan?

⭐️ Knowing exactly what food to buy avoids food waste and saves you money.

⭐️ Having a plan for dinner avoids the mental load of “what’s for dinner?” question every night.

The printable shopping list can be found here.

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The recipes:

Dinner 1

⭐️ A brand new recipe for you Marry Me Chicken!

⭐️ A special and impressive meal that’s delicious but easy too.

⭐️ Serve with mashed potatoes and garden peas (these has already been added to the shopping list).

Marry Me Chicken recipe made in a big pan, ready to be served.
5 from 319 votes

Marry Me Chicken {BEST Ever Recipe!}

There is so much to LOVE about this recipe, you might want to even marry it! It’s succulent, creamy, cheesy, and just that little bit special. Marry Me Chicken is perfect for a fuss-free but impressive dinner.
View Recipe

Dinner 2

⭐️ Speedy, zero fuss and almost hands-off (also… VERY delicious!) 

⭐️ A one-pan vegetarian bake that’s a full meal, so no need for sides.

Cooked Orzo Bake with tomatoes and halloumi.
5 from 57 votes

Halloumi & Butternut Squash Orzo Bake

This simple Halloumi and Butternut Squash Orzo Bake is an easy, hands-off recipe that’s delicious and hearty. It’s a perfect vegetarian midweek dinner.
View Recipe

Dinner 3

⭐️ A simplified version of a comforting classic and great for batch cooking.

⭐️ This recipe usually serves 6 – reduced the beef down to 400g to serve 4 people.

⭐️ We’ve added potatoes to the shopping list so you can serve this with mash, you will also have unused peas and carrots to serve on the side (but you can change this to your liking).

The corner of a puff pastry steak pie with a corner missing, with a spoon dipped in ready to serve a portion.
5 from 89 votes

Steak Pie {Easiest EVER Recipe!}

This Steak Pie recipe has everything you need in a comfort food pie. Tasty home cooked meat, delicious gravy and light fluffy pastry topping.
View Recipe

Dinner 4

⭐️ All ingredients in the shopping list but this is a good store cupboard recipe, so check in case you have plenty already in to make this without spending!  

⭐️ Ready in 30 minutes and a full one-pan meal.

Baked Risotto recipe with bacon and cheese and peas, all in a big pan.
4.96 from 74 votes

Oven Baked Risotto {with Bacon and Cheese}

This is an easy Oven Baked Bacon and Cheese Risotto recipe with no stirring and super tasting, created using store cupboard staples. A brilliant family dinner favourite. 
View Recipe

Dinner 5

⭐️ So quick and easy – mix up the fillings to your liking.

⭐️ I’ve included 2 portions of vegetables in each serving of this, so it is a complete meal. You could obviously add any sides you fancy though.

⭐️ On the shopping list I’ve reduced the chicken to 1x 240g to save buying 2 packets. You will also have some tomatoes and tinned sweetcorn leftover, so save them to serve on the side or for lunches!

Chicken Quesadillas cut into squares with lime and salsa.
5 from 39 votes

GIANT Baked Chicken Quesadilla {One Pan}

These Chicken Quesadillas are a really easy midweek standby recipe. Quick, affordable and everyone loves them! Bake them in the oven on a single sheet pan instead of standing over a hot pan.
View Recipe

Quick reminder, the printable shopping list can be found here.

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  1. I made your Marry Me chicken for my husband of 34 years. I think that we’re good now good now for another 34! Thank-you! Inta