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This month, my teeny weeny, miracle twins turned 2. How on earth did that happen? There’s only one way to celebrate such a big day and that’s with the love of their life, Postman Pat.

Postman Pat Party Dessert Table
Postman Pat Party Dessert Table
I was conscious that Christmas had been a bit overwhelming for them, with so many people and presents, so we kept their party really small. Just a few of their little pals from our group of NCT friends. Of course, true to form, I become a bit obsessed with Postman Pat food. I served..

– Jess’s favourite sandwiches (cut out with fish cutters)

– Ted Glen’s sausages (remember the episode where Ted Glen made a sausage machine? Oh okay, just me then..)

– Special delivery services pizza (pizza I’d put stripes of Red Leicester on to make yellow and red like the Special Delivery Services Logo – didn’t work too well, but no one seemed to mind)

Postman Pat Party Dessert Table
Followed by..

– Special Delivery Services fruit salad (red and orange like the logo)

– Green(dale) grapes

– Special Delivery Services jelly (layers of red and orange)

– Special Delivery Services cake pops

– My Postman Pat van cake! (I made and decorated the cake, but cheated and bought the figures, I’ll tell you about making the cake another day)

Postman Pat Party Dessert Table
My husband, as normal, thought I was totally insane. But what can I say, I’m a feeder, right or wrong I show my love through food and I LOVED doing this.

Postman Pat Party Dessert Table
We all played in the garden wearing out Postman Pat glasses.

Postman Pat Party Dessert Table
Then sat down at the table with our friends to get stuck in. They all sat there munching away, it was very sweet. Until the rowdy rabble demanded cheese and I had to forgo the Pat theme as for the life of me I couldn’t think of a Pat/cheddar connection. They were all happy though.

Postman Pat Party Dessert Table
The birthday pair were particularly impressed by the jelly. I’d made it in little Tupperware tubs I had and as I’d been making it on the morning of the party, had stuck it in the freezer to set quicker.

Postman Pat Party Dessert Table
Postman Pat Party Dessert Table
Then there was time for cake and singing and a slightly teary moment from me. They shrieked with excitement when they first saw the cake with the candles lit and went mad for the little plastic models I’d put on.

Postman Pat Party Dessert Table
Postman Pat Party Dessert Table

Although, all of the excitement took its toll on Mrs Goggins..

Postman Pat Party Dessert Table

Happy 2nd birthday my beautiful babies!

Sarah x

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  1. Hi it all looks fantastic well done, how did you do the cake please? I am going to attempt to do one for my son’s birthday x

  2. Hello,

    What a fantastic article.
    My baby is turning 1 and he too is having a Postman Pat themed party. I’ve taken inspiration from your party.
    Please could you let me know how you did the cake, as I’m making my little boy’s cake too.

    Thank you!

  3. Omg how lush is this my son is 2 this year & he loves postman pat.

    Could I ask where did you get the cups from for fruit salad too?

    I need any ideas to help me as I’m useless at organising parties

  4. Genius, just genius and happy birthday to your beautiful ‘babies’-gorgeous post! Thanks so much for linking up to #tastytuesdays x