The Man That Made My Babies

For me, the first week in March is a time of quiet reflection and also celebration.

We’d had a long journey. 3 years, cancelled operations, endless waiting, not knowing, more and more pregnancy announcements from friends. The loneliness I felt was palpable. It does that to you, sodding infertility. The worst bit isn’t the drugs, or the stream of doctors looking at your lady bits, the general anesthetics, or even the disappointment. It’s that it turns you into a person that you don’t really recognise. It makes you bitter.

Then, we made a choice. We decided to ignore the NHS clinic we’d put all our trust in up until that point, and move, leaving behind 2 failed IVF attempts. On 1st March 2011, 3 years ago this week, we had our first appointment at ARGC. I walked into that shoddy looking building just off Harley Street and I felt different. I felt that these people were going to give me a baby. For the first time in years, I felt hopeful again.

And do you know what? They only bloody well gave me two babies. Almost a year to the day after that first appointment, G&H came hurtling into our world, righting all of the wrongs that had pained us.

How can you ever begin to thank someone that did that for you? They took that “you’ve got a 10% chance” statistic we’d been given and gave us a family.

So this week, as always now, will be full of grateful reflection on how far we’ve come. I’ll send an email to the clinic, with photos and over-emotional thanks, reminding them that every single day they make someone’s life.

Then, later in the week, there’ll be a pair of big birthdays and a Postman Pat cake..

Sarah x

PS. You can read more about ARGC here and an interview about the man that made my babies, including controversy and midnight-raids here.

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PS. I’m linking my moments of reflection with lovely Sara at Mum Turned Mom for #ThePrompt.

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    Such a touching post, Sarah. If anyone who struggles to have a baby reads your post and gets helps through ARGC, their lives will change forever (and for the better). It is so important to use that keyboard to spread the word when we can help others. x Mel
    Mel recently posted…Over 50 Delicious Pancake FillingsMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks so much Mel, your comment meant so much to me as it’s through someone else telling me about ARGC that we ended up there. Hope I could maybe make a tiny difference to someone xx

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    Oh, this made me cry. What a touching and beautifully written post. I am so glad that you met that man, and I do hope that your post helps others find their happy ending. Happy Birthday to the twins! Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt xx
    Sara (@mumturnedmom) recently posted…The Prompt: ReflectionMy Profile

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    What a fabulous story with a wonderful ending. Having a baby isn’t like you see on Eastenders, it’s involving, often very undignified and when it isn’t happening it’s the worse possible scenario in the world. I am so glad you found positive amongst all the negative and you have two lovely bundles of happiness. Happy birthday to the twins, and happy ‘birth’. day to you
    Tracey @ Mummyshire recently posted…To Blog or not to Blog: #The PromptMy Profile


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